My name is Nic Olcott, and I’m so many things that it’s hard to keep track of anymore…  I grew up in upstate New York in a tiny town along the Delaware River (small AKA my graduating class in high school was a whopping 52), and immediately upon graduation in 2004 I enlisted in the Air Force.  My military experience has taken me all over the world from snowboarding in Switzerland to living in a tent in Iraq.  Four deployments over eight years, and I still serve active duty today.  Luckily I’m stationed here in sunny Tampa Bay where I’ve now called home for the last five years.  In that time I’ve managed to find my better half Jennie (a 2nd grade teacher) and our wildly insane Parson Russell Terrier I’ve named Champ because I hate losing.  When I’m not working or building my life with my family (we’re in the middle of home improvements now, I’m a regular Tim the Toolman Taylor), I’m working as a fitness trainer at CrossFit BNI here in Riverview.  I’m not only certified as a CrossFit trainer, but through the ISSA as well as a personal trainer.  I’m currently working on several specialty certs as time allows, so the knowledge base is growing.  I’m very opinionated, and love to spark debate, so check back often!

With my wife, Jennie and Champ.

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